About us

The beginnings of the Forever brand date back to 2005. Specialist engineers designed the first Moka "Prestige" on Lake Maggiore and gave the classic espresso maker a new, beautiful shape with some innovative features: for the first time, there was a Moka whose handle could be changed with a conventional household screwdriver, there is no longer any need for annoying hammering or removing bolts.

For the first time, there was a gasket made of silicone, which is more hygienic, tasteless and even more durable, as it does not become brittle so quickly.

For the first time, the spout was designed to be wider, which makes pouring easier and prevents dripping.

We at Kaufgut AG acquired the trademark rights in 2011 and since then have been responsible for marketing and preserving the basic idea.

By doing this, the Italian roots of our Mokas and our brand are unmistakable! The Italian lifestyle is in our blood, and we would like you to appreciate the southern lifestyle and bring it into your home. The love of good coffee is an essential part of this!

Coffee is a world drink and more than deserves the best way to prepare it! That's why we develop the best products for everything to do with coffee. We have acquired extensive know-how through many years of experience and use materials that are not harmful to health. We are innovative and prove the high quality in the manufacturing of our products day after day. Added to this is our love of good design: Being timeless and trendy are not contradictions - something that is seen in our espresso makers. Discover the exclusive features of Forever now!

Good taste needs good conditions. This is firstly our espresso pot and secondly excellent coffee. Now, all that is missing is a little time, a hot plate or a gas cooker. With our espresso maker you can prepare your coffee, at home in the morning as a little ritual to welcome the day or after dinner with your family or friends as well as on the road while camping or in your holiday apartment. The Italian attitude towards life accompanies you through your life.

forever – vivere con gusto ®